About Abdelrahman Hosny

I’m a full-time learner in the field of computer science and a part-time teacher for computers raising them to mimic humans. Technology for better living is my life philosophy.

Currently, I’m pursuing Masters in Computer Science and Engineering at University of Connecticut, CT, USA. I’m looking forward to continuing my studies to a PhD.

Is Your Research Reproducible?

When a scientific experiment achieves the expected result, researchers hurry up to draft a manuscript, submit it and cross their fingers for acceptance. When that paper gets accepted for publication – a happy camper! However, and not much later, the researchers discover that it was a fool’s paradise. Their work never gets cited by peers. Often times, simply because others cannot reproduce their scientific experiment, i.e. they cannot compare it to their own experiments. There are few reasons that block research reproducibility. In this post, I will preview some of them that frequently appear in the field of computational science. Continue reading