About Tanisha Shrotriya

Tanisha Shrotriya is a student of Computer Engineering, who is passionate about the constantly evolving nature of the Computer Sciences. She is always craving to gain more knowledge and experience and is currently intrigued by Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing. Her other passions include Robotics and Electronics. She is a linguistics enthusiast and guitarist. She is nurturing an ever growing hunger to write.

Notes from IIT Kharagpur ACM Summer School on ML and NLP

Today is June 14th, so I am 14 days into summer school; 7 more days left, and we are all already feeling saddened by the idea of leaving Kharagpur soon. In India, an IIT is a dream for 90% of the 12th graders who join IIT coaching classes. The competition is high so not everyone gets in. I’m one of those who didn’t get in. So when I saw there was an ACM Summer School opportunity at the largest and oldest IIT in India, obviously I grabbed it. By sheer luck, I was selected to actually attend the school. Over the course of 21 days, we have been tasked to learn about machine learning and natural language processing. Continue reading