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Non-IID spatio-temporal prediction in smart cities

Non-IID spatio-temporal prediction research points toward emerging directions and fundamental solutions to address various complexities from the perspective of both data couplings and heterogeneity. Delving into the non-IID challenge and opportunity of spatio-temporal prediction in smart cities, this article also addresses current solutions to bring some inspiration to future researchers.

By Siyuan Ren, Bin Guo, Qinfen Wang, Zhiwen Yu, April 2022

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Past, present, and past as present in India's predictive policing

In India, law enforcement's use of big data to thwart crime has instead amplified the discriminatory presence of caste, religion, gender, and other social markers within a system that is supposedly objective and neutral.

By Shivangi Narayan, December 2020

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The Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis at University College London, London, UK