About Udayan Umapathi

Udayan is an artist, engineer, designer and a HCI researcher. He is currently pursuing his MS/PhD at the MIT Media Lab with Prof.Hiroshi Ishii. His research statement quotes that he wants to invent “novel mediums for expression and creativity”. His work looked at digital fabrication tools as platform to create these mediums and investigated how to turn these tools themselves into the novel mediums. Currently with Prof.Ishii he is exploring the “radical atoms” them by combining physics, material science, biology and design.


In addition to scientific curiosity, start-up bug bit him early on life. He had his own digital media company and also founded a silicon valley company that focusses on making low-tech tools for digital fabrication.

If Udayan is not making something at a lab, he is playing with nature, engaging with new people, studying cultural aspects and wondering why people are the way they are. He often questions critical aspects of human life through his art installations.

Digital Fabrication

In the past decade, digital fabrication (digital manufacturing) has gained immense attention as a topic of interest and research. Before we get into the specifics, let us first understand what digital fabrication (digital fab) even means. A quick search on Google gives you this:

Digital fabrication is a type of manufacturing process where the machine used is controlled by a computer. The most common forms of digital fabrication are: CNC Machining: where, typically, shapes are cut out of wooden sheets.

This is somewhat true, however there are few things I would like to clarify —  Continue reading