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COLUMN: Advice

Why you need Allies as a Ph.D.

Good research requires strong connections.

By Andrew J. Hunsucker

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Tags: Computing education programs, General literature

COLUMN: Careers

What's in the job of making music?

Harry Lachenmayer navigates the underground music world with a CS degree.

By Harry Lachenmayer

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Tags: Computing occupations, Multimedia information systems


Is your research reproducible?

The XRDS blog highlights a range of topics from conference coverage, to security and privacy, to CS theory. Selected blog posts, edited for print, are featured in every issue. Please visit xrds.acm.org/blog to read each post in its entirety. If you are interested in joining as a student blogger, please contact us.

By Abdelrahman Hosny

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Tags: Computational science and engineering education, Information systems applications, Virtual machines

SECTION: Features

A brief introduction to decolonial computing

Does computing need to be decolonized, and if so, how should such decolonization be effected? This short essay introduces a recent proposal at the fringes of computing, which attempts to engage these and other related questions.

By Syed Mustafa Ali

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Tags: Human-centered computing

Breaking the cycle of Macondo: design and decolonial futures

How can the ideas of timelessness and anachronism contribute to the decolonization of design practices in Latin America?

By Luiza Prado de O. Martins, Pedro J. S. Vieira de Oliveira

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Tags: Cultural characteristics, Geographic characteristics, Human computer interaction (HCI)

A tale of two cities, real and imagined

How an election promise to develop India's smart cities became an urban concern.

By Rahul Bhatia

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Tags: Architecture (buildings), Engineering, Government technology policy

Negotiating science, technology, culture, and religion: the art and ideas of Laleh Mehran

In this interview, the artist Laleh Mehran discusses her use of interactive installations to explore the relationships between science, theology, and technology. She also shares how her experience as an Iranian-American has shaped the structure and themes of her work.

By Jennifer Jacobs

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Tags: Arts and humanities, Cultural characteristics, Multimedia content creation

Jian Guan on design and innovation in China

Having attended universities in the U.S. and China, this educator shares his insight of the design industry and education in China.

By Ahmed Ansari, Raghavendra Kandala

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Tags: Cultural characteristics, Geographic characteristics, User centered design

Design Livre: designing locally, cannibalizing globally

Design Livre is a conversation about creative ways of resisting the bad effects of globalization, such as technological dependence. This article tells the story of how this conversation started, where is it going now, and what is the relevance of its underlying topics.

By Frederick M. C. van Amstel, Rodrigo Freese Gonzatto

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Tags: Collaborative and social computing, Geographic characteristics, Interaction design


Meeting point: the computer lab

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Karlsruhe, Germany

By Johanna Schacht

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Tags: Computing education, Computing literacy, User characteristics