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We’re currently seeking an Editor-in-Chief for XRDS, ACM’s student publication. XRDS is a quarterly print magazine for students by students that examines cutting edge research in computer science (CS), viewpoints on technology’s impact in the world today, and works to support a strong, positive, and inclusive community of students interested in CS. It is not a peer reviewed scholarly publication. Our goal is to make the magazine accessible to anyone with an interest in computer science and technology. We value well written, timely, and interesting work being conducted at different universities, research centers and labs around the word.

Job Description

The Editor-in-Chief (EIC) is responsible for XRDS in its entirety. You should be comfortable making decisions and instituting change, as well as overseeing a diverse team of students, who are undergrads and grad students from around the globe. We are looking for someone who is committed to generating ideas, soliciting content, and improving the magazine overall. The position is open to those willing to take on this position idependently; however, if needed, two students willing to work together as co-EICs is also a possibility. Please indicate if you are open to sharing the position in your application.

Your primary role will be to guide the ship. This is not a hands off position; you will be responsible (within
the bounds of delegation) for the entire magazine (print and online). The position requires you to work closely with ACM staff. You will be expected to maintain regular communication with the advisory board and the editorial staff including: the Managing Editor; the Departments Chief, who oversees the department editors; feature editors; and the Digital Content Editor who manages our online presence.

The EIC should be comfortable managing a large team; there is a staff of 30 students who report to the co-EICs. Primary responsibilities include issue theme selection and the liaising with the tech community at large, including via their academic professional network. Increasing the visibility of the magazine should also be an attainable goal.

Eligibility Requirements

The EIC search is open to applicants from around the world. You must be a student, who is able to make a three-year commitment. All students are encouraged to apply, although Ph.D.s are preferred.


Applications are due on September 18, 2017.

If you are interested, please send a resume or CV as well as a vision statement to xrds@hq.acm.org. Make sure to include “XRDS EIC Search” in the subject line. Please include your expected year of graduation.

Your vision should state the following: ideas you have for the magazine, what you would be most interested in reading such as topics or types of articles, and anything else you deem relevant, such as your personal research interests.

Part of this process involves vetting the nominees, which includes an interview with the XRDS Search Committee.

The ACM Publications Board will review all candidates before appointing the new co-Editor-in-Chief. If you are approved you will begin working on the Spring 2018 issue this fall..