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XRDS: About

XRDS is the ACM's magazine for students. It is published quarterly, both in print and online for ACM student members. The publication was previously named Crossroads and has been running since 1994, edited and maintained voluntarily by students.

The magazine was relaunched in May 2010 with a brand new look and feel.

XRDS aims to provide readers with material that will stimulate, inform, and educate students of computing, along with helpful information about calls for papers, fellowships, grants, and other opportunities.

Articles vary from highlights of new and important research, to interviews, roundtable discussions, and introductory overviews. The magazine also features opinion pieces, tutorials, and advice. The magazine publishes exciting pieces written by top leaders in the field, as well as students who submit unsolicited works. To submit an article, see our the author guidelines.

Our readers are an integral part of the publication, and XRDS encourages letters to the editor (email xrds@acm.org), Twitter messages with the #xrds tag, and interaction on the XRDS Facebook page in order to help shape the magazine into one that you will eagerly await for each season.

For more about the editorial team, see About Us.