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Current Issue

COLUMN: Letter from the editors

The power of two

By Gierad Laput

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Tags: General and reference

DEPARTMENT: Milestones

Solving global issues through computing

By Jovian Anthony Jaison

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Tags: History of computing

COLUMN: Careers

Tightening a few loose bolts on the career ship

By Chittaranjan Tripathy, Yannis Pavlidis

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Tags: Computing profession

SECTION: Features

Decolonizing design through the perspectives of cosmological others: Arguing for an ontological turn in design research and practice

A closer attention to cultural and cosmological difference as the basis for thinking about how we redesign our own modern technological infrastructures may be the way to decolonize design research.

By Ahmed Ansari

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Tags: Anthropology, Codes of ethics, Human-centered computing

Havana's StreetNet: Innovation from necessity

In Havana, technology enthusiasts have designed StreetNet, a community network that serves as an alternative to the worldwide web. This article describes the deeply relational practices that go toward the maintenance of StreetNet, highlighting elements of struggle that accompany innovative strategies that result from necessity.

By Michaelanne Dye

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Tags: Collaborative and social computing, Cultural characteristics, Geographic characteristics, Universal access, Wireless local area networks

The past and present: A push toward the good life

In this article, we contemplate how African communities, based on their unique experiences and backgrounds, can increasingly become producers and participants in the technology development process; a step beyond just being end-users.

By Cynthia Habonimana, Moses Namara

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Tags: Anthropology, Cultural characteristics, Geographic characteristics

Finding the local in locations: Working with GPS non-use in Nairobi

The Nairobi Accident Map crowdsourced traffic accident reports on social media and geocoded them using the landmarks and road names mentioned in social media posts. In doing so, the project centered the agency and local practices of Kenyan social media users.

By Elizabeth Resor

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Tags: Geographic characteristics, Global positioning systems, Social media

How technology converses with local languages

The relationship between technology and language use is situated in social and historical factors. Considering the meaning of language use in technology design is essential for supporting diverse language preferences.

By Naveena Karusala

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Tags: Cultural characteristics, Human-centered computing, Language translation

Protibadi: Starting the fight against sexual abuse

The story of how a group of Bangladeshi volunteers used technology to address the country's sexual abuse problem.

By Nova Ahmed

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Tags: Cultural characteristics, Human-centered computing, Women

Africa's social contract with AI

The ethics of artificial intelligence in Africa should come from the social contract theories and ethical frameworks developed by African philosophers. But if AI researchers fail to incorporate cultural differences, they risk perpetuating the same injustices witnessed during colonial times.

By Ezinne Nwankwo, Belona Sonna

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Tags: Agriculture, Artificial intelligence, Codes of ethics, Geographic characteristics, Philosophical/theoretical foundations of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence policies in Africa over the next five years

As Africa embraces and interacts with AI, what policies are relevant to foster its development? This article highlights some domains where AI is being applied and will be beneficial given Africa's unique context and culture.

By Micheal Nayebare

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Tags: Artificial intelligence, Geographic characteristics

Cyber security in Africa: The boring technology story that matters

Cybersecurity involves protection of computer systems from theft, damage, or manipulation to the hardware, software, or the data contained on them. A limitless cyberspace, little to no boundaries, and eroding national borders is making Africa vulnerable to cyber threats and potential harms. Cybersecurity represents serious economic and national security challenges, which need to be properly defined and contextualized.

By Hood Mukiibi

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Tags: Computer crime, Electronic commerce, Human and societal aspects of security and privacy, Systems security

The one about resilience, energy, culture, and crafting

Joreen Arigye, a data analyst at Fenix International, shares her perspective on the importance of culture in the workplace. Having grown up directly connected to the typical Fenix customer, she has the ability to contribute knowledgeably to validating results from models, analysis, recommendations, and intervention strategies.

By Lynn Kirabo

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Tags: Computing profession, Geographic characteristics, Industry and manufacturing