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Why architecture and artificial intelligence?

What do architecture and AI have to do with each other? Quite a bit, it turns out, and it is a history that goes back to the origins of AI.

By Molly Wright Steenson

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Tags: Architecture (buildings), Artificial intelligence, Computer graphics, Computer-aided design

Harnessing technology for art history at the Frick Art Reference Library

The Frick Art Reference Library has been researching the potential of computer technology to enhance the methods art historians have historically used to do their research. The Frick has launched a number of exciting new collaborative projects with the hopes of bringing the normally staid world of art history into the 21st century.

By Louisa Wood Ruby, Samantha Deutch

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Tags: Computer vision, Digital libraries and archives, Image manipulation

The Replica Project: Building a visual search engine for art historians

From the time of prehistoric etchings on the walls of the Lascaux cave to the present day, people have always been creating art. With millions of artistic artifacts filling museums, churches, cultural institutions, and private collections across the globe, connecting to our shared cultural and artistic past is no longer impossible.

By Benoit Seguin

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Tags: Computer vision representations, Fine arts, Image search, Neural networks, Search engine architectures and scalability, Structured text search, Visual content-based indexing and retrieval

The burgeoning computer-art symbiosis

Computers help us understand art. Art helps us teach computers.

By Shiry Ginosar, Xi Shen, Karan Dwivedi, Elizabeth Honig, Mathieu Aubry

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Tags: Computer vision, Fine arts, Machine learning, Neural networks

Creation, curation, and classification: Mario Klingemann and Emily L. Spratt in conversation

Computer-generated art has long challenged traditional notions of the role of the artist and the curator in the creative process. In the age of machine learning these philosophical conceptions require even further consideration.

By Emily L. Spratt

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Tags: Machine learning, Neural networks, Philosophical/theoretical foundations of artificial intelligence

The visual impact of sound: Glitchometry

Applying sound effects to image files can yield mind-boggling images.

By Daniel Temkin

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Tags: Image manipulation, Sound-based input / output

The story of Aitokaiku: Utilizing artificial intelligence for music

With the growing popularity of streaming services, artificial intelligence-generated systems, and open art content, the music industry is facing a complex set of challenges.

By Jarno Eerola

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Tags: Artificial intelligence, Sensor devices and platforms, Sound and music computing

Rethinking creativity

Why it matters to liberate creativity and how technology can help us along the way.

By Seda Röder

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Tags: Computing organizations, General literature