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Toxicity caused by computing

CS + CS = ?

Has device security always been in season?

The modernization of sports spectatorship

Today's data-driven age

The hype of big thinking

The CS generation

Anonymity: from Plato to Tor

Do digital computers dream?

Equality through digital technology

Dedicated to Alan Mathison Turing (1912--1954), a pioneer of computer science

By Vasileios Kalantzis

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Tags: Historical people, Sexual orientation

Gamification and customer loyalty

How startups changed the way we do science

Blooming in adversity

Limber employment

The RSA trap

India's reforms leave a lasting mark

The emergence of 3-D printing

IP addresses

VR head-mounted displays

Gene expression profiling

Ancient and modern cryptography


Speech synthesis

Demographics in computing

Satellite navigation

Robotic vacuums

WLAN Security

WLAN Security

A look back at wireless technology through the years.

By Finn Kuusisto

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Tags: Mobile networks, Wireless access networks

Graphics editing software


ICT for education

Automated DNA sequencers

Web search

Turing's Bombe

Voting machines

MRI scanners

Green technology


Punch cards vs Java

Apple's mouse<br />25 years later