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XRDS: Resources

Looking to make the most of your academic career? The editors and readers of XRDS represent the brightest and most successful computer science and engineering students on the planet. Here, they share tips, advice, and straightforward how-to articles that will help you navigate your student life.


How to Write a Research Poster

Guide to creating and presenting a research poster. 

Recommended for undergraduates and first-year graduate students.


How to Learn Programming Languages

New to programming? No-nonsense tips to empower you to start learning your first (or third) programming language. 

Recommended for new programming students and teens interested in computer science at university.


The Academic Job Search: How to Prepare Key Documents

Tips for putting together the right documents when applying for academic jobs. 

Recommended for aspiring professors.


The Academic Job Search: The Job Talk

What is a job talk? Tips for preparing.

Recommended for aspiring professors.


The Academic Job Search: Interviewing

Questions to ask and answer.

Recommended for aspiring professors.



Additional resources available to all ACM student members:

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