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Magazine: Hello World

Get to know Arduino

Using Grover's search quantum algorithm to solve Boolean satisfiability problems, part 2

Using Grover's search quantum algorithm to solve Boolean satisfiability problems: Part I

What's formal software verification?

Neural networks and how machines learn meaning

Applying data science for anomaly and change point detection

A primer on differential privacy

Haskell a language for modern times

Predictable state containers

Visualizing high-dimensional data

The infinite mixtures of food products

Convolutional neural networks: an illustration in TensorFlow

The Brownian wanderlust of things

According to sensor 22, Benny is preparing dinner

Sorry kids, Iron Man's superpowers aren't unique

Hidden Genes: Understanding cancer data with matrix factorization

Counting stars

The anatomy of a human disease network

Dynamics of news from the <i>New York Times</i>

Exploring data with topological tools

Zero-knowledge Proofs

Using the Twitter API to mine the Twitterverse

Iterative numerical methods for nonlinear systems

Finding yourself using geolocation and the Google Maps API

Using sentiment analysis to improve business operations

Simulating a Turing machine

Accessing the World Bank open data programmatically

Analyzing EEG data

Web maps of renewable energy

Boosting productivity with the Boost Graph Library

Hands-on introduction to genetic programming

Real-time detection with webcam