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From Geospatial to Spatial -Omics

When Los Angeles is mentioned, cycling is usually not the first thing that comes to mind. However, during my past 10 years in LA studying molecular biology and bioinformatics, my bike trips through the geographical space of LA have inspired many ideas in my research in spatial data analysis in bioinformatics. I have written software to bring decades of research in geospatial data analysis to spatial -omics, as my trips make me ponder on spatial phenomena in general.

By Lambda Moses, February 2024

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Enhancing Rigor in Computational Methods for Biological Data Analysis

When you use the most popular computational methods for biological data analysis, have you checked whether their models are reasonable in your settings?

By Xinzhou Ge, February 2024

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The Future of Health: Exploring Bio-Digital Convergence

By Jeenisha Shrungare, February 2024

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Jian Peng

By Sepideh Maleki, April 2020

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