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DNA smart card for financial transactions

In this paper, a secure environment for electronic commerce is introduced. The environment is formed via a synthesis of biometrics consumer authentication with a security token. Such a token is a smart card containing cryptographic keys and a cryptographic microprocessor for data encryption. The keys are used to further authenticate the possessor of the card as the actual owner and also to facilitate secure electronic financial transactions. New technologies like these bring benefits to society by enhancing the standard of living, however, numerous challenges are introduced [1].Biometrics is a Greek composite word stemming from the synthesis of bio and metric, meaning life measurement. In this context, the science of biometrics is concerned with the accurate measurement of unique biological characteristics of an individual in order to securely identify them to a computer or other electronic system. Biological characteristics measured usually include fingerprints, voice patterns, retinal and iris scans, face patterns, and even the chemical composition of an individual's DNA [9].

By Sofia Gleni, Panagiotis Petratos, September 2004

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E-commerce recommenders

By Ana Gil, Francisco García, December 2003

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