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Ideas from Actions, Alternative Anatomical Architectures

In this curation of his work, performance artist Stelarc, explains the process of extending his body and his self while exploring movement, sound, and autonomy.

By Stelarc, January 2023

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The Future of Technology for Cognitive Enhancement and Well-Being

The sense of smell, or olfaction, is probably the most underappreciated and the least understood and exploited in human-computer interaction. However, in the future, wearable devices will not only be able to sense and provide audio-visual cues but will also augment our sense of smell. How will this impact our interaction with technology? Does the future stink?

By Judith Amores, January 2023

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How Textiles Open Up Data as a Material in and on the Body

A designerly journey into textiles and HCI leads to thinking about data as a material for a cybernetic future.

By Troy Nachtigall, January 2023

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The future of mixed reality is adaptive

In a future where we replace our smartphones and notebooks with mixed reality headsets, the way we create user interfaces will change drastically. Future interfaces will need to adapt automatically to users' context, guided by optimization-based methods and machine learning, to become beneficial for end-users.

By David Lindlbauer, October 2022

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XR tools and where they are taking us

This article reviews the significant growth in XR tools research over the past few years. It first identifies key dimensions to consider when assessing XR tools, then presents trends in XR research along these dimensions. The author concludes with three wishes for future research to foster the design of new XR authoring tools.

By Michael Nebeling, October 2022

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"We had tough times, but we've sort of sewn our way through it: the partnership quilt

Using capacitive touch sensors and traditional quilting techniques lead to the collision of seemingly disparate worlds and resulted in the creation of the Partnership Quilt, a living archive of voices in the shape of an interactive piece of craftwork.

By Angelika Strohmayer, Janis Meissner, December 2017

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From wax tablets to touchscreens

From wax tablets to touchscreens

How we can enable users to transmit text to mobile and ubiquitous computer systems as quickly and as accurately as possible.

By Per Ola Kristensson, October 2014

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It may be possible to enable text entry by writing freely in the air, using only the hand as a stylus.

By Christoph Amma, Tanja Schultz, December 2013

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Comparison of input devices and displays for protein visualization

By Elke Moritz, Thomas Wischgoll, Joerg Meyer, December 2005

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