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Designing with AI

How I came to love design and used AI to alleviate the most frustrating parts of the process.

By Lydia Chilton, June 2023

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On the Relationship between HCI Researchers and Creators---Or How I Became a Toolsmith

Research on creativity support tools in human-computer interaction often focuses on novel interaction design, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. Let's dive deeper and help creative activities "in the wild."

By Jun Kato, June 2023

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Remaking Everyday Objects for Physical Computing

We are surrounded by objects that have been designed and made for a wide range of purposes. Alongside the development of specialized electronic devices, we can look to these objects as a functional resource for tangible computing. By deconstructing such everyday objects and uncovering their structures, they become a material that can be remade into new physical interactive systems.

By Clement Zheng, June 2023

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Making Design Tools Like a Weaver: Four Rules

What would happen if we designed CAD systems like a weaver designs cloth? Drawing from our ongoing collaborations with weavers, we suggest four rules to bring these qualities to your own practice: follow the materials, privilege the present and personal, form kinships with the past, and design systems of notations.

By Laura Devendorf, Shanel Wu, Mikhaila Friske, June 2023

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The future of mixed reality is adaptive

In a future where we replace our smartphones and notebooks with mixed reality headsets, the way we create user interfaces will change drastically. Future interfaces will need to adapt automatically to users' context, guided by optimization-based methods and machine learning, to become beneficial for end-users.

By David Lindlbauer, October 2022

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XR tools and where they are taking us

This article reviews the significant growth in XR tools research over the past few years. It first identifies key dimensions to consider when assessing XR tools, then presents trends in XR research along these dimensions. The author concludes with three wishes for future research to foster the design of new XR authoring tools.

By Michael Nebeling, October 2022

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