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A formative evaluation of scenario-based tools for learning object-oriented design

Advances in computing have awakened a century old teaching philosophy: learner-centered education. This philosophy is founded on the premise that people learn best when engrossed in the topic, participating in activities that motivate learning and help them to synthesize their own understanding. We consider how the object-oriented design (OOD) learning tools developed by Rosson and Carroll [5] facilitate active learning of this sort. We observed sixteen students as they worked through a set of user interaction scenarios about a blackjack game. We discuss how the features of these learning tools influenced the students' efforts to learn the basic constructs of OOD.

By Hope D. Harley, Cheryl D. Seals, Mary Beth Rosson, September 1998

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Extending Java to support shared resource protection and deadlock detection in threads programming

Java threads enable programmers to write parallel programs very easily and conveniently. However, the current Java specification does not adequately provide for the protection of shared resources or for deadlock detection, two of the most common problems arising from parallel programs. The ability to solve these problems is crucial for Java concurrent programming. In this paper, we introduce and implement a model that can aid in writing parallel programs by providing shared resource protection and deadlock detection.

By Anita J. Van Engen, Michael K. Bradshaw, Nathan Oostendorp, November 1997

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