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Working Together Toward ikigai: Co-Designing Robots That Can Help Us Achieve Meaning and Purpose in Life

Robots are commonly envisioned as assisting older adults in physical tasks or providing companionship. But there has been less focus on helping older adults achieve more intangible, but equally important, aspects of wellness, such as a feeling of purpose and meaning in life. Here, we share our experiences working and learning together with older adults on developing a robot that can support their achievement of ikigai---meaning or purpose in life.

By Long-Jing Hsu, Waki Kamino, Weslie Khoo, Katherine Tsui, David Crandall, Selma Šabanović, October 2023

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Gerontechnology, digitalization, and the silver economy

Digitalization in healthcare is posed to change the way the older population is treated, the way health workers relate to them, and the participation of computing professionals in the mix.

By Peter Anderberg, April 2020

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