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XRDS: Audio Interview

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Chris Harrison

An Audio Interview with
XRDS Editor-in-Chief Chris Harrison

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XRDS editor-in-chief Chris Harrison was recently interviewed by Stephen Ibaraki, and we have a podcast of their conversation to share with you. Chris talks about his research, experiences, the future of interaction, himself, and of course the new XRDS magazine!

Through a brief presentation of his work at IBM Research, AT&T Labs, Microsoft Research and Disney Imagineering, Chris draws a nice picture about current trends in R&D performed by top companies that are looking at novel interaction techniques. He also speaks about his own research and PhD analyzing how to use small mobile devices through larger everyday interfaces, like a table or even your body. He also gives his own predictions about the implementation of these things and their adoption by average consumers.

Interviewer Stephen Ibaraki focuses especially on XRDS, allowing Chris to speak in some detail about its redesign, mission, and new goals. You can now find more about the new XRDS and how it is designed to fit students’ needs on our About page.

Are you one of those that prefer the more personal side of an interview? Chris also talks about his childhood, his friends and mentors, and many of his personal experiences and how they informed his budding career in computing. Listen to find about more about the great challenges in his work, the resources of his inspiration and innovation, and how bad hand writing got him where he is today. Enjoy! --Vaggelis Giannikas, XRDS departments editor

Click here to listen to the audio interview now (will launch in a media player).