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Five programming tips

start your coding career

Five programming tips

start your coding career

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Thu, 26 Aug 2010 07:57:20 UTC

Post by Sasidhar Kasturi

Good work Jason. These probably are the first 10 sentences in a programmer's bible.

My two cents: 1. With the usage of IDEs, indentation is being taken care of in a way. Once a template is set at the organizational level, the ide takes care of the rest. Languages like python help in a way, as they divide blocks based on the indentation that we provide. So, the programmer is indeed forced to indent, for putting his logic down into code. 2. Many languages now don't have a restriction(realistic) on the number of characters one can use for a variable name. And with technologies like IntelliSense in IDEs, the pain of typing in large variable names is also lessened. So it might be better in cases to declare variables of the length of a sentence(though the code looks a bit unclean). 3. In case one really needs some global variables, ts better to add some indication of what kind of variable it is (global, local) etc in its name. In C conventionally, capital letters are used for global variables. And in python, we need to explicitly write "global" when we are trying to access a global variable.

Overall, its better to start using an IDE(eclipse, visual studio etc .. ) for programming. Some of the best practices(comments, indentation) implicitly get into one's mind while programming. Also, it is easier to undo mistakes like, renaming variables after 1000 lines of code are written.

-Sasidhar Kasturi.


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