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Analyzing the Amazon Mechanical Turk marketplace

Analyzing the Amazon Mechanical Turk marketplace

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Tags: Human computer interaction (HCI), Law, social and behavioral sciences

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Amazon Mechanical Turk




Complete Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart: A contrived acronym intentionally redolent of the word “capture,” used to describe a test issued on web forms to protect against automated responses.


Game with A Purpose: a term used to describe a computer game that layers a recreational challenge on top of a problem that demands human intelligence for efficient solution, e.g.: protein folding.


Human Intelligence Task: A task that an AMT requester is willing to pay to have accomplished by AMT providers. More generally, a task that may be best completed via crowdsourcing.


Human-Guided Search: A research project investigating a strategy for search and optimization problems that incorporates human intuition and insight.