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Association for Computing Machinery

Magazine: Fall 2020 | Volume 27, No. 1

SECTION: Features

How to tame your chatbot

The best way to stop a bad chatbot spreading misinformation may be a good chatbot providing facts. But how can we deploy these bots on short notice without compromising quality and user privacy?

By Fiete Lüer

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Tags: Internet communications tools, Natural language processing

Detecting deepfakes using crowd consensus

Deepfake videos are becoming more and more believable, outpacing fake detection methods. As a research community, we must embrace a wider variety of detection tactics to keep up and quell the spread of misinformation.

By Eleanor Tursman

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Tags: Image manipulation, Trust


When OpenAI released its billion-parameter language model GPT-2, their attempts to withhold the model inspired two researchers to use open research practices to combat the misuse of machine learning.

By Vanya Cohen, Aaron Gokaslan

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Tags: Machine learning, Natural language generation, Open source model

The bad news game

Given the rising amount of fake news on the web, it is imperative to understand whether people can become immune to fake news and what steps can help achieve this goal. This interview presents insights into the definition of fake news, current research, and the future of fake news education.

By Diane Golay

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Tags: Interactive games, Spam detection

An 'infodemic' infested world under lockdown---

With a sea of misinformation surrounding COVID-19, fake news and rumors on social media have run amok. We need to flatten the curve of this infodemic and flatten the curve of COVID-19.

By Ankuran Dutta

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Tags: Spam detection

The context in discourse analysis

Inquiring about discourse can be an activity that is as specific as addressing its structure or as wide as analyzing discourse as an expression of culture considering its context in its minimal version as "what surrounds" or in the complexities of "to weave together."

By Germán Alejandro Miranda Díaz

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Tags: Content analysis and feature selection, Document analysis, Word processors

DEPARTMENT: Hello world


By Manandeep

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Tags: General programming languages, Spam detection