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Association for Computing Machinery

Magazine: Summer 2021 | Volume 27, No. 4

COLUMN: Letter from the editors

A look behind the scenes

By Karan Ahuja

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Tags: General literature

COLUMN: Advice


By Jasmine DeHart

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Tags: Computing education programs

SECTION: Features


Scaling biodiversity monitoring for the data age

Technological advances have made it possible to collect massive amounts of biodiversity data. How can analysis efforts keep up?

By Sara Beery

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Tags: Database management system engines, Environmental sciences, Sustainability


An upcycled IoT

An upcycled approach uses everyday objects as design material for IoT systems by enabling users to make their "dumb" objects "smart." Adopting this approach, IoT Codex realizes a new socially informed, context-aware computing and end-user programming.

By Kristin Williams, Jessica Hammer, Scott E. Hudson

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Tags: Sustainability, Ubiquitous computing

AI for conservation

How deep neural networks can process millions of weather radar data points to help researchers monitor continental-scale bird migration.

By Zezhou Cheng, Subhransu Maji, Daniel Sheldon

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Tags: Computer vision, Machine learning, Multimedia and multimodal retrieval


Flexible computing for intermittent energy

How flexible computing can help speed the adoption of inflexible renewables.

By Jennifer Switzer

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Tags: Distributed computing methodologies, Renewable energy


Envisioning alternative relationships with the environment through computational design

Climate change is one symptom reflecting a larger problem of how we humans view ourselves as separate from the environment. How can computation and design help us expand our perception so we can better attend to the natural world?

By Malika Khurana

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Tags: Human computer interaction (HCI), Sustainability


Making with a sustainable purpose

This interview presents insights into Dr. Mauriello's research projects in user-centered design to promote energy literacy within residential households.

By Jiayi Li, Karan Ahuja

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Tags: Computing profession, Human-centered computing, Sustainability


An interview with Owen McCall from TREECYCLE

Is cryptocurrency necessarily energy-consuming? Can we use blockchain to facilitate sustainable development? This interview presents insights into an investment project rooted in sustainability, bridging finance and ecology.

By Jiayi Li, Yingfei Wang

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Tags: Electronic commerce, Sustainability


The environmental impact of research communities

As sustainability chairs for key computing conferences, we explore the environmental impact of research conferences, reflect on the complexities of making physical and virtual conferences sustainable, and discuss the environmental consequences of computing research itself.

By Kristin Williams, Bridget Kane, Chris Clarke, Kelly Widdicks

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Tags: Sustainability