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Association for Computing Machinery

Magazine: Winter 2021 | Volume 28, No. 2


Getting through a global pandemic

By Megan Hofmann, Christine T. Wolf

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Tags: Consumer health, Surveys and overviews

COLUMN: Advice

How to intern

By Ashka Shah

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Tags: Computing occupations

SECTION: Features


AI and essential labor

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States, "essential work" became a calling card for the labor that kept the country running. But the activity of essential workers often occurs out of sight. For example, the products of waste workers are everywhere---clean floors, sanitized tables, objects made from recycled plastics---though workers themselves are often behind the scenes.

By Franchesca Spektor, Estefania Rodriguez, Samantha Shorey, Sarah Fox

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Tags: Artificial intelligence, Human computer interaction (HCI), Robotics


Twitter, COVID-19, and disability

At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, people looked to scientists and other leaders to understand the rate at which the virus spread. Much of this information, however, was not accessible to everyone.

By Stephanie Valencia, Lynn Kirabo

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Tags: Accessibility, Consumer health, People with disabilities, Social network analysis


COVID-19 brought along an increasing demand for research toward combating epidemics. A group at New York University Abu Dhabi developed a tool, EpiPolicy, to explore and visualize the effects and costs of intervention plans.

By Anh Le Xuan Mai, Miro Mannino, Zain Tariq, Azza Abouzied, Dennis Shasha

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Tags: Health care information systems, Modeling and simulation, Visualization application domains

COVID-19 tracking apps

Dr. Elissa M. Redmiles shares her experience researching accurate contract tracing apps that respect the privacy concerns of users.

By Megan Hofmann

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Tags: Privacy protections, Software and application security, Ubiquitous and mobile devices


Addressing the root of vaccine hesitancy during the COVID-19 pandemic

As pressure continues to mount on social media platforms to address the spread of vaccine misinformation, we aim to look at solutions to the rise in vaccine hesitancy. But to truly address vaccine misinformation and hesitancy, we need to address the underlying issues with trust in large institutions and inequity in healthcare.

By Kolina Koltai, Rachel E. Moran, Izzi Grasso

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Tags: Consumer health, Human-centered computing

Face masks are essential to prevent the spread of airborne diseases like COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic still affects us all. But how much can we rely on social distancing and face masks to protect ourselves?

By Simone Bianco, Sara Capponi

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Tags: Consumer health, Model development and analysis

Beyond crisis couture

The practices and motivations of mask makers during the COVID-19 pandemic can teach us how to recognize our ability to individually and collectively design our futures.

By Mikayla Buford

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Tags: Computer supported cooperative work

The power of open-source hardware in crisis

Could open-source solutions provide a crucial layer of defense for the future of pandemic-ready and disaster-resilient supply chains?

By Alex Long

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Tags: Consumer health, Governmental regulations, User centered design

Live coding during lockdown

An inside look at developer advocacy during the COVID-19 pandemic---from creating authenticity to keeping the social life around code alive while the world stayed home.

By Christine T. Wolf, Amanda L. L. Cullen

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Tags: Collaboration in software development, Empirical studies in collaborative and social computing


AmbiTeam is an ambient display designed to communicate contextual or background information in the periphery of the user's awareness and only requires the user's attention when it is appropriate or desired.

By Sarah Morrison-Smith, Lydia B. Chilton, Jaime Ruiz

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Tags: Collaborative interaction, Empirical studies in collaborative and social computing


"You're my best friend."

The COVID-19 pandemic was a time of unexpected isolation for many, as well as a time fraught with uncertainty. In this article, we explore how many turned to playful online communities across a number of social media platforms as a place of connection and support.

By Kathryn E. Ringland, Christine T. Wolf

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Tags: Collaborative and social computing theory, concepts and paradigms, Social networking sites


Life goes on with Pokémon

Players envision how the future design of location-based games can support exploration, socializing, and improving physical and mental health in the post-pandemic new normal.

By Arpita Bhattacharya, Jin Ha Lee, Jason C. Yip, Julie A. Kientz

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Tags: Mixed / augmented reality, Mobile devices