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Magazine: Spring 2020 | Volume 26, No. 3

SECTION: Features

Will digitization harm or help workers in healthcare?

Some worry that digitization leads to replacement of human labor in healthcare, thus leading to a decline in the demand for medical personnel's skills. What lessons can we draw from previous waves of automation?

By Sofia Hernnäs

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Tags: Automation, Consumer health, Employment issues

Technostress in digital healthcare environments

The introduction of information and communication technology has changed the working style of healthcare managers, often leading to stress. This article discusses the different implications of digitization and proposes some ideas for sustainable technology.

By Magdalena Stadin

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Tags: Employment issues, Health care information systems

Data work and digitization

As technology and healthcare continue to commingle, data work is being redistributed as powerful professions discard unwanted tasks and other occupations are transformed.

By Claus Bossen

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Tags: Automation, Computer supported cooperative work, Computing occupations, Health informatics

Designing self-monitoring data for chronic care

When a self-monitoring tool is developed and implemented in chronic care nurses' work, it changes the way nurses accomplish their work, creating new requirements. This article is based on a design ethnographic study that helps us understand the implications of these changes.

By Kateřina Černá

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Tags: Consumer health, Ethnographic studies, Health informatics

Time utilization and psychosocial work environments in primary care

Swedish primary care staff spend a limited proportion of their work time directly with patients, leaving staff to suffer under heavy administration workloads using poorly designed IT systems. How can their time utilization experience be improved?

By Eva Anskär

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Tags: Empirical studies, Health care information systems

Digitization in the healthcare industry

The steady advancement of information technology can be observed in many different industries, one example being healthcare. What impacts are expected and how can work life be improved? A hackathon specifically about this topic might give some answers.

By André Kochanke

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Tags: Computer supported cooperative work, Health care information systems, Real-time schedulability, Scheduling


Using artificial intelligence, and an oft-ignored modality, an Indian startup develops an affordable, accessible, and non-invasive breast cancer screening solution.

By Siva Teja Kakileti, Himanshu Madhu, Thara Subramoni, Geetha Manjunath

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Tags: Artificial intelligence, Consumer health

The usability and digitalization of healthcare

As interaction researchers strive to make sense of the forest, they should not lose sight of the trees.

By Christofer Rydenfält, Johanna Persson

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Tags: Employment issues, Human computer interaction (HCI), Personal health records

Gerontechnology, digitalization, and the silver economy

Digitalization in healthcare is posed to change the way the older population is treated, the way health workers relate to them, and the participation of computing professionals in the mix.

By Peter Anderberg

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Tags: Consumer health, Online banking, Seniors

DEPARTMENT: Hello world

Recommendation systems

By Chittaranjan Tripathy, Yannis Pavlidis

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Tags: Consumer products, Online shopping, Recommender systems