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Association for Computing Machinery

Magazine: Summer 2023 | Volume 29, No. 4

SECTION: Features

Designing AI-Powered Art-Making Tools

We are living in the era of art-making being transformed by rapidly advancing generative AI technologies. With these technologies, what are some approaches to design and build AI-powered art-making tools?

By John Joon Young Chung

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Tags: Arts and humanities, Natural language generation, Systems and tools for interaction design

Designing with AI

How I came to love design and used AI to alleviate the most frustrating parts of the process.

By Lydia Chilton

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Tags: Artificial intelligence, Interactive systems and tools, Media arts


On the Relationship between HCI Researchers and Creators---Or How I Became a Toolsmith

Research on creativity support tools in human-computer interaction often focuses on novel interaction design, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. Let's dive deeper and help creative activities "in the wild."

By Jun Kato

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Tags: Development frameworks and environments, Human computer interaction (HCI), Interactive systems and tools, Sound and music computing


Machines as Collaborators for Art and Rituals

We spoke with artist Sougwen Chung about her views on human-machine collaborations; where her machines are evolving multigenerational configurations of collaborators that drive her understanding of both the emerging technologies and the human experiences of co-creating and collective rituals.

By Jane E, Cathy Mengying Fang, Sam Bourgault

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Tags: Cognitive robotics, Collaborative content creation, Fine arts


Remaking Everyday Objects for Physical Computing

We are surrounded by objects that have been designed and made for a wide range of purposes. Alongside the development of specialized electronic devices, we can look to these objects as a functional resource for tangible computing. By deconstructing such everyday objects and uncovering their structures, they become a material that can be remade into new physical interactive systems.

By Clement Zheng

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Tags: Arts and humanities, Human computer interaction (HCI), Interaction design process and methods, Interactive systems and tools

Interactive Murals: New Interactions and Educational Opportunities for Diverse Youth

Interactive murals integrate electronics into traditional murals to create a new kind of public art as well as a new kind of large-scale and community-situated technology. This article introduces interactive murals along with a set of activities designed to engage young people in technology and the arts. We describe the process and outcome of workshops in which a muralist, two interaction design researchers, and a group of diverse teenagers designed and built a large-scale interactive mural on the exterior wall of a local building.

By Alyshia Bustos, Nanibah Chacon, Leah Buechley

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Tags: Arts and humanities, Computational thinking, Embedded and cyber-physical systems, Human computer interaction (HCI), K-12 education


Physical-Digital Programming

Scientists, artists, and engineers are innovating with digital fabrication machines, yet they lack effective tools to program machines for unconventional tasks. We argue for programming language foundations to empower these practitioners to build bespoke fabrication workflows for themselves.

By Jasper Tran O'Leary, Gabrielle Benabdallah, Nadya Peek

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Tags: Human computer interaction (HCI), Philosophical/theoretical foundations of artificial intelligence


Making Design Tools Like a Weaver: Four Rules

What would happen if we designed CAD systems like a weaver designs cloth? Drawing from our ongoing collaborations with weavers, we suggest four rules to bring these qualities to your own practice: follow the materials, privilege the present and personal, form kinships with the past, and design systems of notations.

By Laura Devendorf, Shanel Wu, Mikhaila Friske

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Tags: Arts and humanities, Interactive systems and tools

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By Louise Henderson

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Tags: General literature